Boris Julianov Radilov


Born 1980 in Sofia. Graduated “Ljubomir Pipkov” National School of Music 1999 in Stefan Runevski violoncello class. Acquired bachelor degree with Proff. Anatoli Krustev 2003 and master degree with Proff Bogomil Karakonov 2004 in The State Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia. Boris has attended Summer academy in Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Semering. He has participated “New music” festival in Sofia and “Chamber music festival” in Bart – Germany.

Christo Dobrinov Petkov

synthesizer Roland D50

Born 1954 in Rousse. Graduated Production automation in “V. I. Lenin” HMEI in Sofia 1979. Music education received in private way under the direction of his father – conductor Dobrin Petkov. Honorable mentions for composition from Nashville USA 1987; Special prize for composition from The SAM “P. Vladigerov” 1988; Bulgarian National TV Prize for composition 1989. Second prize in "Seven eighth" Composition competition, Sofia 2018.

Dimitar Nevilinov Dimitrov

synthesizer Yamaha DX7 IID

Born 1983 in Stara Zagora. Graduated “Ljubomir Pipkov” National school of music 2002 in Irina Radeva piano class. Since 2003 studies in The State Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov” in Proff. Dora Lazarovas piano class. Dimitar has given numerous solo concerts in Stara Zagora, Sofia, New Zagora, Kazanluk etc.

Maria Naskova Kostadinova


Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1988. Graduated NSMDA "Dobrin Petkov", Plovdiv 2007 in Ivaylo Vasilevs flute class. 2009 Maria won Second prize for chamber ensembles in "Music and Earth" competition, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2011 Acquired Bachelor degree in Lidia Oshavkovas flute class in NAM "Proff. Pancho Vladigerov". 2012 Master degree in Kiril Grozdanovs flute class in AMDFA Plovdiv. She has performed with "Pioneer" Philharmonic. Since 2010 is a soloist in SMBC, Sofia.

Rumen Tsanov Tsanov

sampler Dynacord ADS - K

Born 1966 in Pleven. Graduated “Panayot Pipkov” HSM in Pleven 1985 in E. Karamisheva piano class. Master degree at SAM “P. Vladigerov” in Sofia at prof. J. and K. Ganevi piano class 1992. Third prizes on “Svetoslav Obretenov” National competition in Provadia 1978 and 1984; First prize on “Dimitar Nenov” National competition in Razgrad 1983; Third prize on The International competition in Marsala – Italy 1990.

Tzvetina Panayotova


Graduated NMS ‘’L. Pipkov’’, in Prof. Dora Ivanovas class. In the year of 2000 wins scholarship for Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London) where she studies until 2003 in Prof. Yfrah Neaman and Jack Glickman classes. Later continues her studies in SAM "P. Vladigerov" in Prof. Angel Stankovs class. Tzvetina has won First prizes from the next competitions: "Kotzian", Bravo bravissimo" "Svetoslav Obretenov", "Young musical talents", "European Music Schools Association", "Priz 2000" and "Bulgarian talents gallery" She performs recitals, participates in chamber music ensembles and performs as a guest soloist with different orchestras in Bulgaria, Italy, Sweden, Japan, France etc.

Zornitsa Toneva

synthesizers Alesis QS and Korg DW 8000

Born in Dobrich, Bulgaria 1982. Graduated “Ivan Vazov” High School in Dobrich 2001. Studied piano as a private student of "Dobri Hristov" High School, Varna, Bulgaria with Maria Gineva and Boyan Bachvarov. In 2006 Acquired master degree at Professor Marina Kapatsinskaya piano class and bachelor degree in Sound engineering in “P. Vladigerov” SAM, Sofia, Bulgaria. Two times awarded First prize in "Our children play Bach" competition 1992 and 1994, Special prize of Proff. Ruzhka Carakchieva in "Emanuil Manolov" competition in Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1994, Second prize in "Hopes talants masters" Festival 1995. Wins a scholarship from Rayna Kabaivanska foundation 2003. Zornitsa has performed numerous recitals and chamber concerts. Has been soloist to Dobrich Chamber Orchestra, Razgrad Symphony, SMA "P. Vladigerov" Academy Orchestra. She has recordings for Bulgarian National Radio and SAM "P. Vladigerov".